Ben's Campus Journey .

Ben's Campus Journey

3 December 2020

I first heard about Campus during my last year of sixth form when Jane and Lee came in to do a presentation on IT@Spectrum and their new venture, Campus. I was unsure which path I was going to choose: University or going straight into the workplace. After listening to the presentation and exciting prospect of Campus, I decided to put myself forward for the recruitment process.

The interview process was challenging; having multiple interviews, along with various tasks to complete. Following the recruitment process, I was happy to find out that I had been successful and was offered a place in the Campus Team. Here I began my journey, training and learning on the job.

Looking back, I cannot believe how far we have come from that first day. I think being on the Campus Team, knowing that we are all learning on the job together, has been great not only for my confidence but also for the sense of unity we have developed within the Campus team.

Over the past year, we have been presented with many opportunities and challenges. One of which was going to the Canon Head Office in London, where we had to demonstrate how to use the Canon equipment after months of training from Jackie, Racheal and Jane. Although being one of the more pressurising times in Campus, it was also one of the most rewarding.

"We are delighted that Ben has successfully passed from our first Campus Cohort, he is hard working, humble and talented – everything we expect in our employees. Watch this space as the course doesn’t officially end until January 2021, there are others who will be joining Ben in celebrating their success. Well done Ben we are proud of you and this amazing achievement."

What has stood out the most for me while working for IT@Spectrum is the camaraderie of the staff, all working towards the same end goal of success. The progress I have made over the past year would not have been possible without the amazing support I received from Jane, our Trainer who previously worked for Canon and also Adrian, who is an experienced member of the Sales Team. They have played a huge role in terms of sales training and our development, along with the rest of the Sales Team who have given up many hours of their time to help us continuously improve. For this, myself, and the rest of Campus, are extremely grateful.

Overall, Campus has been an amazing opportunity that has benefitted my development and transition from education to a working environment. Having successfully passed the Campus course, I am now looking forward to the challenges ahead and the opportunities that come with the launch of the organisation's new Canon Business Centre.

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