Campus Post Lockdown .

Campus Post Lockdown

7 August 2020

When we launched Spectrum Campus last year, we were so excited for what the year would bring and where we could take this amazing group of young adults. Little did we know that just over 6 months into their year we would be coping with a curveball that none of us could have ever imagined. The Campus members were furloughed but we’re delighted to have started welcoming them back to work on a part-time basis. In true Campus style, and fitting with their ambition and drive, they have shown themselves to be exactly the quality and committed group we always knew they were.

The team have worked really hard on keeping their newly-learned skills up to date and have embraced all of the remote training the programme has had to offer. They have also been instrumental in keeping the team spirit alive with weekly quiz nights and even helping to organise a remote ‘summer party’ for our entire staff.

“I continue to be proud of their efforts and work ethic, we can’t wait to get back to normal (whatever that means now) and fulfil their and our potential as we continue to work towards the end of this exciting year.” – Jane Harper, Head of Learning and Development

There have been several changes made in preparation for the Campus teams return to work. One of the main areas of the Campus team’s role that has changed significantly is customer visits. The team are making sure that they have correct PPE with them and that they are adhering to social distancing at all times. This is a drastic change to the handshaking and smiling faces that they had grown to know when visiting customers and prospects before lockdown.

Thankfully, there are also parts of the Campus team’s role that has seen little disruption during lockdown. They have all kept fully on track with their classroom training exercises thanks to the use of video conferencing. They have used these tools to stay in touch with each other, take part in training sessions with Jane, our Head of Learning & Development, compete against each other in weekly quizzes and the online staff party for all of the employees at IT@Spectrum. Since coming back after lockdown, the Campus team and Jane have safely utilised our meeting rooms to conduct weekly, face to face training sessions to keep the team’s sales skills up to scratch. These sessions include: 

  • First appointment roleplay
  • Phone call appointment training
  • Finance training
  • Brain training 
  • Marketing training
  • Business training
  • Canon webinars

We are over the moon to finally have our Campus team back and ready to progress with their skill-building as they grow into the salespeople of the future. Keep an eye out for more content on the Campus team’s progression in the coming months. 

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