How to Succeed with Digital Transformation.

How to Succeed with Digital Transformation

13 August 2018

Whilst there is certainly a degree of hype around Digital Transformation it is widely accepted that those organisations that fail to embrace the new Digital era will quickly become irrelevant and will ultimately fail. Most CEOs and CTOs who haven’t yet defined their digital strategy are actively planning for change.

At IT@Spectrum we have a proven track record of delivering digital solutions that help businesses to change the way they work by automating document and information workflows.

However, business change can be daunting, especially when it impacts entrenched business practices, workflow processes and technologies. For many organisations Digital Transformation is overwhelming, as they become stuck in a perpetual cycle of planning without ever actually doing. Rather than attempting to define and deploy an enterprise wide Digital Transformation strategy another approach is to start with a series of smaller projects that promises to deliver quick wins and demonstrable results. By focusing on projects that will deliver quick, impactful wins, organisations will more easily overcome natural resistance to change, and make positive, incremental steps towards enterprise Digital Transformation.

Every business is different and therefore every workflow automation solution we deliver needs to be aligned to a customer’s specific business needs, based on their Digital Transformation strategy. To fully understand a customer’s business needs any engagement must be collaborative. Whether it is Finance Automation, Digital Mailroom, Proof of Delivery or Application Form automation, we adopt the same collaborative approach – we call this Discovery.

Once the business challenge and digital solution are identified and the ROI business case is completed, it is important to pull together a clear strategy to guarantee that the deployment process is seamless with user experience at the forefront to ensure that nothing hinders user adoption.

Digital Transformation Strategies & Tips

Undertaking any change in a business can be daunting but making changes that impact multiple people and departments or that affect process and traditions that have been engrained in the company for decades are often the hardest.

At IT@Spectrum we can support you through your transformation journey. Here are some of the strategies that will ensure your Digital Transformation is a success.



Start with the end in mind

  1. Plan your transformation with the business objectives and end goal in mind, visualise what a successful implementation would look like and work towards it.
  2. Understand the businesses process and models to identify where the biggest issues are and create a strategy to tackle those issues using the appropriate technology solutions.
  3. Don’t try to boil the ocean, look for the low hanging fruit and deploy the new solution here first in order to overcome inertia and to get wider organisational buy in to change.

Employee buy-in is Key

To ensure your transformation has the best chance of succeeding you need to get buy in from your staff, not just those directly affected, but as many people as possible throughout the business as their backing is crucial, and their insights into the requirements of your customers are invaluable.

Enterprise wide collaboration with staff is key to defining the right digital technology solutions and it is this collaborative approach that will a) ensure the company does not end up going down a technology cul-de-sac where a particular department or function has requirements that cannot be met by the adopted solution, but more importantly b) everyone feels like they are part of the Digital Transformation journey which will pay dividends when it comes to adopting a new way of working.

Choose the right technology partner

Whether you are considering working with global businesses such as Microsoft or local service provider such as IT@Spectrum, you need to be sure that your partner has the right engagement model to guarantee success. Successful Digital Transformation projects are not just about software solutions – they come about because the partner takes the time to fully understand you, your business goals and your desired business outcomes. A collaborative approach from any technology partner is a must and any partner not willing to put skin in the game up front is probably the wrong choice.

Look for a partner who can demonstrate success in your industry or one that has delivered a transformation solution like the one your business is considering.

Automating Business Workflows

At IT@Spectrum, we specialise in workplace transformations and in particular digitalising paper-based business workflows. Having successfully helped businesses move into the digital era we believe we are ideally placed to support your Digital Transformation journey.

We have a tried and tested approach to delivering solutions from Discovery to Design, to Implementation and then Support and Management. Finally, we have adopted a culture of ongoing Optimisation and Innovation to ensure our customers benefit from additional value add throughout the term of their contract.


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