How Your Business Can Become More Efficient Through Workflow Automation Solutions.

How Your Business Can Become More Efficient Through Workflow Automation Solutions

10 August 2018

As a city with an ever-expanding economy including both financial and legal institutions, Hull is becoming a pivotal hub for business in the UK.

Ensuring a business continues to grow by embracing the latest digital solutions is critical when trying to differentiate from the competition locally and nationally. Through workflow automation solutions, you can address common business priorities and problems, including improving efficiency, reducing overheads, and boosting profitability – all of which will help to make your business stronger and smarter.

What are Workflow Automation Solutions?

Workflow automation solutions help transform businesses in all industries by improving efficiency across multiple business processes. From managing documents and capturing data to extensive customer communication systems, workflow automation solutions are designed to minimise human error, improve accuracy, and cut down on time.

Principally, these solutions facilitate the journey of information as it passes into, through, and out of an organisation. From the initial data capture at mailroom level, to the internal workflows, and then to any outbound customer communication channels, such as email, SMS, and mail-outs, workflow automation solutions offer complete automation and control over data.

Workflow automation solutions can address the following priorities:

  • Improve the accuracy of data inputting
  • Eradicate manual processes
  • Cut down on time spent processing documents
  • Reduce approval process times
  • Enhance compliance and auditability of data
  • Ensure information is readily available as required

What industries can utilise Workflow Automation?

Automation is incredibly versatile and can be applied to all businesses. Whether you are a small recruitment firm and require a more structured and secure data handling and storage process, or a large logistics company that needs to collate and strengthen your delivery operations, workflow automation can provide the optimum solution.

At IT@Spectrum we supply businesses with the following solutions:

  • Accounts payable automation
  • Accounts receivable automation
  • Digital mailroom
  • Proof of delivery automation
  • Recruitment and HR on-boarding
  • Outbound mail automation
  • Multi-channel customer communications

Why We’re Different: A Bespoke Approach

At IT@Spectrum we understand that every business is built differently. That’s why our number one objective is to allow businesses to harness their full potential through our expertly developed solutions.

We’ve been delivering cutting-edge technological solutions since 1983, priding ourselves on our personalised approach. We take the time to fully learn about your business starting with a discovery phase to assess your existing processes and key challenges. We aim to create a bespoke solution that perfectly matches your needs.

We’ve helped a number of businesses in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, and the surrounding areas, ensuring efficiency is increased and time reduction targets are met. Working alongside solicitor firm, Lupton Fawcett, we were able to improve the business’s overall digital and data handling operations.

“At Lupton Fawcett we need innovative ICT solutions to assure we operate in the most efficient and effective way. Over a number of years Ben Johnson Ltd has demonstrated that they can add significant value to our requirements in this regard. They continue to support us with exceptional solutions and service levels. We would be proud to recommend them as experts in their field.”

James Hood, Head of ICT, Lupton Fawcett


Find out more about how you can optimise your business processes by visiting our Workflow Solutions page. Or contact a member of our knowledgeable team to discuss your individual requirements. 

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