Katie's Campus Journey.

Katie's Campus Journey

8 December 2020

I first heard about the Campus programme when our head of Learning and Development, Jane, launched the programme to see if anyone wanted to apply. I was working in the Support department at the time and wasn’t too sure if Campus would be for me.


The roles advertised for Campus sounded very different from my role in the support department. Yet, I am always up for a challenge, so I applied. The interview process was a little different for me as I was already an employee for IT@Spectrum. My interview was with Jane plus two of the sales team’s senior members, Adrian and Aaron. We talked about how I would react and cope with the new role within Campus and if it were the right choice to make. After a series of maths tests and discussions, I decided I wanted to take the plunge into the Campus Programme.


The Campus training was fascinating. Jane included lots of hands-on, practical training for us. This meant we were not sat writing all the time, which I found very helpful as I learn better through practical learning. After months of training, we ventured out into the field to start the sales process by canvassing and calling, which then lead to appointments.


Going out into the field with the Campus team was scary to start with, but I soon got the hang of it and soon started to work independently. The feedback we had from Adrian, Jane and the other senior salespeople helped as they were wanting to help us improve on our performances. It was a huge help working within a team which had seven other people all in the same position as myself throughout the Campus Programme.


We were all willing to learn and succeed, so naturally, this led to us all working together really closely. We all bonded well and learnt from each other which I think made a huge difference in our performances. I believe that I might have struggled if did not have the help and support of the other Campus members throughout the process. It was also beneficial to have worked closely with Adrian and the other members of the Sales team. They allowed an insight into the sales role and used their experience to teach us new skills to help our development.


Thinking about the future and what it entails for me is exciting but also scary. Having graduated successfully and knowing I can complete a sale from start to finish gives me the confidence I need to carry on!


We also have some exciting new opportunities that come with the launch of the new Canon Business Centre North East. I can't wait to get stuck into the new challenges and opportunities that this will bring!


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