Lauren's Campus Journey..

Lauren's Campus Journey.

21 December 2020

After growing up around Canon, via my Dad and Uncle, I suppose it is no wonder I ended up working in the same industry myself – I’m institutionalised! Honestly though, after graduating University with an English and History degree there was no thought in my mind I’d end up doing what I do now. But, I also have no regrets or desires to do anything else. In fact, in the corniest way possible I only have excitement for my future.

I first found out about the Campus programme IT@Spectrum were offering via a family friend and was instantly intrigued and decided to apply. I like to describe it now to people as similar to a Masters programme: we have intensive formal classroom and practical on-the-job training, over a year, on everything it takes to be a successful and competent salesperson.

This involves how to generate leads, how to conduct yourself in a business and around business people, how to perform appointments in a structured and organised manner, and much more. After only working in retail through school, it was a real learning experience in more ways than one; just learning about how to behave in a proper working business environment and team, and everything that comes with that, has really helped my confidence and abilities going forward.

Over the past year, I honestly can’t believe how far we’ve come as a group. We’ve learnt so much and been exposed to so many unique and challenging situations as trainee salespeople – and that’s without taking into consideration the impacts made by a global pandemic – that it’s hard to imagine how we could ever do a normal office job. The level of support, training and positiveness from both our internal and external trainers has made the experience worth the while. Jane and Adrian, our Learning and Development Lead and Manager, have been phenomenal in their patience, ability to adapt the training to our individual needs, and their happiness to explain and expose us to everything in their power despite the bombardment of questions they take from us all!

Moreover, I think I’ve particularly appreciated the level of training we’ve received from Jackie and Rachael at Canon. They made the training of something some people would find dull, interesting and memorable – and you can’t underestimate how much of an effect that has on your ability to grow into the job. All I can say is, I’m extremely grateful.

One of the first things taught to us when we began the Campus programme was to be Curious, and Humble. One thing that summarises these values for me is also one of the best things I like about working at IT@Spectrum: the people. We’ve been and spent time with each department in the company throughout our learning so we can fully appreciate and understand the different aspects of a business. This has helped us to be Curious and Humble in our job and ask questions about what people do, how they do it, and what they wish they had to make their job easier. It reinforces a new mantra of mine from Dr Steven Covey, which is essential to be a salesperson: “Seek to understand, before being understood.”

A lasting thought from me: if you are considering joining the next Campus programme, go for it! You will have and benefit from the same amazing opportunity and training I have had – which is revolutionary in our field – at an amazing time for the business. I look forward to seeing what opportunities and challenges lie ahead with the launch of the Canon Business in the North East and improving myself with all the experience I plan to gain.

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