MPS: Dispelling the Myths.

MPS: Dispelling the Myths

22 November 2018

“MPS is just a commercial model that allows toner to be paid for on a cost per copy basis.”

– Not true, toner is only one element of a cost per copy charge – don’t forget dedicated support teams, regular account reviews, a bespoke service for your organisation, and much more.

“The higher the cost per copy, the higher the lifetime cost of the device.”

- Not true, the cost per copy only tells part of the story; many unscrupulous providers hide all sorts of charges and penalties within their terms and conditions. Whereas, at IT@Spectrum, we are transparent about our charges.

“MPS is about rationalising your print estate and replacing desktop printers with fewer, shared Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs).”

– Whilst removing high-cost printers and moving print volumes to lower cost shared MFDs is good practice, it is not a pre-requisite. Our hardware recommendations are based on your requirements and the needs of your business, rather than a pre-defined MPS template. All of the MPS elements listed above can be delivered regardless of whether the hardware fleet is made up of MFDs or printers.

“MPS will save you up to 30%”

– Not true, there is evidence to support this but not all Managed Print Service providers are equal! There is a direct correlation between the skill, capability, expertise and experience of the service provider and your ability to achieve the savings documented in the service provider’s sales proposal.

“With a MPS, energy consumption will be reduced”

– Not necessarily true, energy consumption will only be decreased if the print devices proposed by the service provider are more energy efficient than the ones being replaced.

“With MPS, paper consumption will be reduced”

– Not necessarily true, MPS does not deliver a reduction in paper consumption by default. Print volumes and paper consumption will only be reduced if a) you want this to happen and b) the service provider has the experience to help you create an effective print policy and the software solutions to help you enforce it.

“With MPS, employee productivity will be increased”

– Not necessarily true, with an effective MPS, employee productivity can be increased, but a service provider that cannot meet the response time / restore time commitments they made to you will not improve device availability and employee productivity will suffer.

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