Our Spectrum Campus 2019-20 Graduates.

Our Spectrum Campus 2019-20 Graduates

23 November 2020

It’s quite unbelievable to think that almost two years have passed since we first dreamt up the idea of creating Spectrum Campus; a professional selling skills curriculum for talented youngsters from our region.


A lot has happened since that time. Following an arduous recruitment and selection process, we shortlisted a number of first-class candidates and eight plucky 18-21 year olds set out on a new career path. At the outset, our expectations were that probably 2 or 3 of the candidates would make the grade. You see, we have high standards for our staff, sales is not an easy profession and we know how hard it is to succeed.


In the early months, the group did reduce in numbers from the initial eight, as the reality set in about a role with considerable highs and lows. In sales, the risks are high, but the rewards can be even higher, and a great deal of resilience is required. Because of that, a career in sales is not for everyone and we respect that.

Then the global pandemic struck, and the Spectrum Campus curriculum was thrown into turmoil. Face-to-face, practical application of what the team had learned was no longer possible, and so training sessions went digital. This was a tricky time for the cohort, as lockdown restricted some of the group to their bedrooms in their parents’ homes. Once again, resilience would be needed.


When we brought the team back into work in the summer as the lockdown restrictions were lifted, there was a fresh sense of hope and enthusiasm, and once again, the team astounded us with their professionalism and application, so much so that we took the decision some months ago that the Campus programme was proving to be a roaring success and that, next September, we would be taking on a second cohort.


The success of Campus is down to a number of factors. Of course, it’s the talent, drive and ambition of the youngsters themselves, but huge appreciation also goes to our Head of Learning & Development, Jane Harper, who devised and implemented the curriculum, and also to some of our senior Account Managers, including Adrian Lockyer and Aaron Brown, who have taken the young team under their wings and passed on their wisdom. It really has been a team effort. Indeed, across the whole business, every single member of the IT@Spectrum team has been incredible in welcoming and supporting the Campus group.


So what has been decided for our inaugural cohort? What’s the latest? Have they passed? Well, despite our expectation before we met them that probably only a couple of applicants would succeed, I’m delighted to announce that FIVE of the Spectrum Campus team have done all that is required to pass the course and graduate into a full-time role in the IT@Spectrum sales team.


This really is beyond our wildest imagination and I’m absolutely buzzing that we are investing in the future of our business in this way. These guys are a credit to themselves, their families and now us, and I’m extremely proud of what they have achieved. Well done to Ben, Sophia, Lauren, Katie and Jude on this fantastic achievement, and I look forward to working with you for many years to come. Now the hard work really starts!

One final note, and that is to everyone reading this, please watch out for our recruitment drive for Campus 2021. As we approach next spring we’ll be looking for the next group of youngsters who are looking for a new challenge, a huge opportunity and the chance to be part of our growth.

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