Sophia's Campus Journey.

Sophia's Campus Journey

1 April 2021

After deciding I did not want to go to university, I began my search for other options. In my search, I soon found that the standout alternative to university was the apprenticeship route. Searching for the right apprenticeship was tricky. I wanted to find a role that would not only interest me but challenge me as well.

Then I discovered the Campus initiative. It ticked all the boxes, plus the training and rewards that they were offering were unlike anything else I had seen in my search for an apprenticeship. I knew I needed to apply.

After my application was accepted, I received an invitation to start the interview process. As only a handful of places were up for grabs, I knew it was going to be tough. There were several stages to the interview process, stretched across a full working day. The process included group tasks, maths tests, email composing tasks, presentations and individual interviews.

I was apprehensive as to how I performed in the interviews. However, when I got the call to say I had been offered a place on the Campus programme, I was delighted!

The training started on Day One and continued throughout the year with a series of development projects. We spent the beginning of Campus in the Support department. Spending time in Support allowed us to meet customers with the technicians, help with installs and learn how the Support team assist customers day-to-day.

The sales side of training was conducted in-house by Jane, Adrian, and the rest of the sales team. They dedicated a large amount of their time to pass on their knowledge and develop our selling skills.

The training played a huge part in my success with Campus, but I could not have succeeded if it weren’t for the rest of the Campus team. We all started Campus together, with limited knowledge of both the industry and sales. Beginning this journey together meant that we were all in the same boat and could learn and help one another throughout the Campus programme.

Applying for Campus has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The company is a great place to work and the people are all so supportive and friendly. To anyone considering applying in the future, I would say go for it!

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