The IT@Spectrum Free Print Audit .

The IT@Spectrum Free Print Audit

18 December 2017

The IT@Spectrum free print audit can give you a deeper insight into your largest opportunities to make your document processes more efficient. It is our approach to address some of the most critical business areas, including:

  • Productivity
  • Integration
  • Security
  • Sustainability
  • Cost control

The IT@Spectrum free print audit will identify your key challenges. We enable you to move forward with reliable recommendations, ensuring that change in one area doesn’t negatively impact another.


1)       Fleet Audit

The audit tool will monitor all devices on your network (where possible) over a set period (usually 30 days) to collect information about your print devices, such as:

  • Device Manufacturer e.g. Canon
  • Device Type e.g. MFD, printer, etc
  • Full Device Mode Name e.g. CLC5151
  • Device Capabilities e.g. colour, black & white, scan, etc
  • Meter Readings e.g. colour, black & white, etc

The audit will allow IT@Spectrum to analyse your device fleet and provide you with guidance and recommendations on how to improve on cost control, security, integration, productivity and sustainability within your organisation.

2)       End User Survey

As part of the audit, the behaviour of end-user printing will be reviewed to establish their print requirements, what they print, why they print and which devices they currently use.

3)       Reporting

At the end of the audit, IT@Spectrum will deliver an Audit Report which covers the following aspects:

  • Device brands and models
  • Print volumes
  • Printing spend
  • Device management
  • Colour usage
  • Wastage
  • Large print jobs
  • Mobility
  • Confidential information
  • User satisfaction
  • Digital and scanning workflows
  • Details of any stakeholder discussions

Your Account Manager will explain the results, highlight the focus points, and will make a number of recommendations for the optimisation of your print infrastructure and processes.

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