What are Managed Print Services?.

What are Managed Print Services?

8 January 2019

What are Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services help you manage every aspect of printing within a business or organisation – optimising devices like scanners, faxes, copiers and printers. It is an external service that’s usually offered by a print provider, who will optimise the way devices are used so that less paper is wasted and efficiency is improved to save money.

How do I know if I need Managed Print Services?

Only a very small proportion of organisations are truly aware of how much they spend and how much they could save on printing costs.

Not only can devices like standalone printers cost the earth in ink cartridges, but many multifunctional photocopiers (MFPs) can be unreliable, poorly serviced and lack functionality.

All of these problems can grind businesses to a shuddering halt. If this is the case at the organisation where you work, ask yourself:

  • What happens if (or when) your printers go down?
  • What is the impact of having to wait days for the printer to be fixed?
  • Are your business’ prints secure?
  • How much is our print costing us?

With the right Managed Print Service programme, based on your specific needs, you could install a more reliable and efficient printer to cut your costs - and save you time.

An experienced MPS provider should base your package on an understanding of how your organisation currently operates - as no two are ever the same.

Before implementing an MPS programme, the provider should carry out a wide-ranging print audit to highlight:

  • How you're creating documents
  • What you’re printing
  • How much you’re printing
  • Who’s doing the most printing
  • The devices that are over-utilised and require frequent maintenance
  • The devices which are more expensive to operate
  • The departments which have too many or too few print devices
  • The departments which lack the ability to print securely
  • The people who can access scan-to-e-mail functionality
  • The people who can store and efficiently route electronic documents

Only when an extensive MPS audit has been done can the provider credibly make proposals about how your organisation can become more printing efficient.

Recommendations could include the need for new functions, a service and maintenance programme, replacement hardware or simply a change in the way that the printer or copier fleet is being used.

What does a Managed Print Services provider do?

MPS is about much more than replacing the toner in your device and making sure it does not break down.

As a Managed Print Services UK specialist, the experienced team here at IT@Spectrum do far more than just audit your printers and copiers.

Our three-tier MPS programme is made up of the following aspects:

Hardware and equipment: A wide range of multifunction printers and devices can be provided to fulfil any print-to-paper needs. Customers only pay for each copy they make with separate tariffs charged for black and colour copies.

Technical support: Service technicians are always on hand to fix broken hardware, but we also offer remote device monitoring and can use predictive intelligence to carry out preventative maintenance and minimise downtime.

Software platforms: As a specialist Managed Print Service provider, we use a holistic approach to reduce costs and improve efficiencies by looking at the whole print and document environment. If required, we can provide software that will reduce waste and energy usage by turning slow, paper-based processes into automated digital tasks.

What are the benefits of Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services vary depending on your supplier, but large and small organisations usually find they offer the 10 following benefits:

  1. Reduce energy waste and paper consumption
  2. Save money by monitoring print output
  3. Ease the burden on IT staff
  4. Free staff to do more valuable tasks
  5. Improve productivity
  6. Allow you to be more agile
  7. Improve information security
  8. Reduce carbon footprint
  9. Reduce capital expenditure
  10. Improve cashflow

Managed print services pricing models and what to expect

Typically, a Managed Print Service programme is offered on a medium-term contract that’s similar to the way a mobile phone contract works.

Obviously, it’s important to know how much your service provider will charge but it’s always advisable to carefully select a partner that’s up front about print costs, with no hidden charges.

For an affordable monthly, quarterly or annual fee, you should expect to be supplied with the right equipment for the duration of the contract. You should also receive replacement toners before the current ones run out so you don’t have to worry about ordering replacements or the consequences of any downtime.

Annual services and timely fixes should be included to minimise the disruption to your business. However, the level of aftersales care you receive ultimately depends on the supplier. As with everything in life, you need to be wary of what’s in the small print and be certain about the service levels you will be entitled to. Some provide bare minimum service levels, whilst others go above and beyond.

Here at IT@Spectrum, we have won awards for our comprehensive preventative maintenance programmes, which see our highly-trained team of engineers make unscheduled visits to prevent emergency repairs being needed in the future. We’re also very proud of our industry-leading fix times and remote monitoring service.

Our contracts and invoices are 100 per cent transparent and we promise to give you access to the best fleet of printers, scanners and photocopiers on the market. Once the new equipment has been installed, we can even deliver detailed training so you understand exactly what all the buttons do and how to use the various functions. This service is available at any time during the duration of your contract. 

Transform the way your organisation prints now!

Reduce your print stress and focus on what matters most to you.


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