What colour are you?.

What colour are you?

19 February 2019

A team of new starters from IT@Spectrum and our sister company The One Point recently came together in a day of learning and team building using training model Insights ®.  

Insights ® training is used to help improve an individual’s teamwork and communication skills by using colours to paint a picture of how they think, act, and work.

The day began with a game of perception. Participants were asked to review a series of images and explain to the group what they saw. However, the images given had multiple ways if being interpreted. Take a look at an example of one of the images the team were given.

Following some warm-up exercises, the team were given their Insights ® Discovery Personal Profile. Within their profile was a detailed overview of their distinct personal styles of working, based on a questionnaire that they had completed prior to the training day.

This questionnaire was also used to divide the team into one of 4 colours based on their way of thinking and communicating. To help understand what these colours meant, the team were given flash cards that held the traits of that specific colour.

“Insights ® has helped me to gain a better understanding of how I and the people I work with think and how I should communicate with them to get the best results.” – Nathan White, Marketing Apprentice

Finally, after a long morning of training, the team returned to find out that they were also going to be taught how to juggle! However, not everyone quite got the hang of it...

After a long but productive day of working, juggling and role-playing- the output was a newly created team of individuals with a better understanding of how they think, act, and work.

Thank you to Insights ® for coming in and helping our latest team members how to work more effectively with our customers and each other. We are looking forward to your next visit in March.

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