Workflow & Document Management.

Workflow & Document Management

8 October 2018

What Is Workflow & Document Management?

Workflow is the movement of documents and information between individuals or groups of people using a Document Management system.

Effective workflows are crucial for business success. The more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable they are, the better prepared you will be for the future workplace. Looking to improve your workflows?

Business Challenges:

  • Do you have large paper archives that are costly to store, laborious to search through or poorly organised?
  • Do your documents require manual sign off from several different people resulting in delay?
  • Do your incoming customer communications come in many different forms which are time-consuming to process?

Our Approach:

If you would like to overcome these challenges, our Professional Services team can help. We will assess your workflow process throughout your organisation and develop improvement strategies to better manage, share and secure your documents whether they are paper, electronic, or digital.

Our Solutions:

Ben Johnson partners with leading software providers Therefore and Invu to bring you workflow and document management solutions aligned to your specific business needs.

Business Benefits:

  • Reduce Costs – cut down on physical storage space and storage costs
  • Increase efficiency – search and retrieve documents in seconds
  • Improve security – give only authorised staff access to specific documents
  • Increase compliance & auditability – track who accessed, edited or updated a document
  • Improve sustainability – eliminate paper from processes

Our Applications

Digital Mailroom

Incoming mail can be scanned, automatically saved and indexed. Once the document has been entered into the document management system, it can be electronically sent to the correct recipient for review, and/or onward to other business processes such as Accounts Payable. Flexible workflows can be configured to route letters through the business for approval and validation, enabling a high degree of flexibility.

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