Ligentia is a global supply chain solution provider pushing boundaries in customer-centric ML and AI technology.

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“Working with IT@Spectrum has been a pleasure and we have seen significant benefits across our business.”


The Company

Ligentia is a global supply chain solution provider pushing boundaries in customer-centric ML and AI technology.


Ligentia came to IT@Spectrum as they wanted to find a way to be able to reduce their Finance teams mundane workload so they could focus on other aspects of their role and add more value to the company. The job that consumed a large amount of the Finance team’s time was invoice processing. They receive thousands of invoices from across the globe that need to be printed and manually processed each month.


  • Invoices Processed Manually
  • Large Print Volumes
  • Increasing Number of Invoices
  • Finance Teams Increasing Workload

The Solution

Phase one of our ongoing project with Ligentia was to come up with an invoice capturing system to help with the processing of their invoices. This system resulted in Ligentia’s Finance team saving 5 minutes on average when processing each invoice. When coming up with this solution, Ligentia were also in the process of acquiring another business. Meaning that there would be a significant workload increase for the Finance team as more invoices would be coming into the business.

Our solution helped to combat the Finance team’s growing workload as they no longer needed to spend large amounts of time manually processing and printing each invoice out. The team now have more time to focus on other aspects of their role and the business no longer needs to spend time and money on hiring new staff members to cope with the increasing number of incoming invoices.

Another benefit Ligentia saw from the implementation of our solution was a dramatic reduction in the number of print jobs that were going through their printers. This is because the Finance team no longer needed to print out a physical copy of each invoice they received, resulting in a reduction of pages printed per year by 150,000. Phase two of our ongoing partnership with Ligentia will involve making their solution recognise Chinese characters to help with their ongoing work in the Far East.


5 minutes saved per invoice when processing Invoices


Print usage has been cut by 150,000 pages a year


Removed need to hire new staff to cope with the increased workload


Character recognition able to read Chinese symbols

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