Longcroft School.

Longcroft School and Sixth Form College is a community secondary school situated in Beverley, East Yorkshire and has over 1,200 pupils.

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"It’s an interesting challenge that IT@Spectrum have where the solution they provided at Longcroft offers much more attractive technology people can use, whilst at the same time offers hardware and software that controls the amount of output produced."

Longcroft School

Facilitating a sustainable future in Education.

The Company

Longcroft School and Sixth Form College is a community secondary school situated in Beverley, East Yorkshire and has over 1,200 pupils.


Gain control of print costs across a vast working environment and provide the most efficient way for over 150 staff to print what they need, whenever they need it. As part of this, there is a need to reduce the burden on the internal IT technicians in respect of multiple inefficient and unmaintained devices.


  • 150 staff, based in 200 classrooms, wanting to copy/print/scan
  • Sprawling site across two large buildings
  • Uncontrolled print costs
  • Uncontrolled print rules

In any school environment, the demand upon staff’s time is always a prevalent and challenging issue. Fundamentally, the pupils should be the focus, not paperwork, data collection and printing.

Longcroft had three options to cope with their print demands: spend a great deal of money on staffing; money on buying countless machines; or look at centralised printing and photocopying; thereby reducing the cost of both and making the whole process easier.

The Solution

Any school is bound by governance and procurement rules, meaning that competitive quotes must be obtained before making a purchase. Schools have to prove best value, both in terms of price, but also in terms of overall running cost which, for Longcroft, meant technician time and copy charges, but also best value in terms of "is it usable by the staff - does it enhance what they do, is it convenient, is it easy, is it always working?” IT@Spectrum were able to positively answer each of these questions by introducing a fleet of reliable, fast and dynamic Canon printers and photocopiers, ranging from smaller office printers to wide format printers, each allowing the school management to control the amount of output produced and to improve the budgeting of print. The ‘icing on the cake’ for Longcroft was the secure release printing solution, meaning staff and pupils could go to any of the strategically place devices, enter their credentials and print what they need, from anywhere across the school, thereby not only saving time, but paper wastage too. Budgets and time can now be better allocated to what matters most... the pupils.


Improved efficiency of print/copy/scan fleet


Gained control of spiralling costs


Consistently high service levels


An innovative, value for money solution

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