Information Management.

Bring all your information together to make it easy for everyone to access the information they need in an instant. Save time and money by cutting your reliance on operational and financial paper documentation and improve workflows with digital communication.

infomration capture

Information Capture.

Multiple documents exist in every organisation, in all formats and file types. Our industry-leading document recognition software and expertise with electronic forms allows data to be classified and captured from the source and turned into usable, digital information.

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Finance Automation

Finance Automation.

Process invoices and documents quickly and efficiently with full integration with your accounts systems using Canon’s industry-leading document management software, Therefore™.

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document management

Information Security.

The office is the weakest link in data security governance. It’s the place where documents are printed, scanned and shared. Protect your organisation against cyber-threats with secure scanning and printing, strict workflow permissions and peace of mind on data destruction.

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document workflow management

Document Workflows.

Transform the way information flows through your business and convert paper-based workflows into streamlined digital ones, making sure the right documents reach the right people quickly and securely. No more passing of paper invoices, statements, contracts, delivery notes and other documents.

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Document workflows

Document Distribution & Digital Mailroom.

Save money on print and postage by going digital with your external communication. Introduce templated bespoke letterheads to ensure brand consistency, track the delivery of all documentation and cut returned mail by up to 50% thanks to real-time address book updates.

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document retrieval

Document Retrieval.

Access your organisation’s information in an instant. Save time and money by cutting your reliance on searching through physical files and paperwork with our innovative Document Retrieval software solutions.

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The Key Benefits.

The knowledge, expertise and experience of IT@Spectrum in Information Management can bring the following benefits to your organisation:

Improve productivity by working smarter

Make your business processes smarter and your staff more efficient and productive by automating processes. Reduce paper trails in areas such as accounting and allow employees to access, send and print documents remotely.

Deliver the right information to the right people - at the right time

An easy-to-implement document management, storage and retrieval system provides instant access to all the information your key people need efficiently, economically and securely – enabling them to take appropriate action.

State-of-the-art software gives full control

IT@Spectrum uses industry-leading document, finance and credit control software for tailored finance automation.

Improve your customer service

Never miss a deadline or fail to respond to a customer on a required date as automated reminders and alerts keep you on top of all of your requirements, providing peace of mind for anyone whose day to day job leaves little time to check the calendar.

Have greater security over your documentation

Ensure your information stays in the right hands at all times with all sensitive documents protected, even on shared workgroup devices, as well as helping to achieve regulatory compliance.

Become a more sustainable business

Very few workplaces will become truly paperless, but become ‘paper-lite’ by reducing the reliance on printed documentation, reduce paper consumption and improve your organisation’s carbon footprint.

Improve the quality of your organisation’s information

Improved accuracy and consistency of information distributed to key individuals both inside and outside of the organisation brings major benefits to your organisation.

Go mobile

Make your organisation’s information available for staff anywhere and at any time, helping ensure vital documents such as invoices or purchase orders requiring approval are not delayed. Supported on iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets, our industry leading software keeps organisations running.

Improve workflows and save time and money with a bespoke information management package

Call today to for a full comprehensive audit of your information management and workflows. We’ll provide a completely bespoke solution to save you time and money.

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